• Chief Propagandist


    Zina Edwards Malcolm

    Publicist, Partner


    Zina's local and international experience spans a number of diverse fields including Destination Marketing, Lifestyle Entertainment - writing, producing and hosting, Luxury Marketing, Retail and Corporate Banking. She has executed projects in Bermuda, New York City, Miami and Jamaica.

    Zina has developed a keen understanding of generating publicity, messaging and creating localized brand impact while meeting the global compliance standards of multinational brands. Prior to the birth of The Brand Lion, Zina worked in the high velocity marketing environment of Jamaica producing high level PR and Account Management projects for Scotiabank, Microsoft, Grace Kennedy, ADIDAS, Western Union, LASCO Moneygram, and CWC LIME among others. She has also been recruited for PR support on select luxury marketing projects at Miami PR Agency including ART Basel executions and press release development.


    She is a brand development specialist and publicist.


    (Oh, and don't be afraid of her kooky job title - Zina was a fond student of latin [discipula latina] and the pure origins of the word refer to propagating or spreading information... which is precisely what she does.)





    Strategy + Stuff

    Nikki Fagan
    Creative, Partner


    Nikki became partner at The Brand Lion after having worked at the top agencies in Bermuda and Jamaica. Client needs are her first priority and behind the scenes she doggedly protects our client's brand positioning in the market-place.

    An award-winning Creative Director whose enthusiasm, thick-skin and fresh ideas are key components in her marketing arsenal. She has a thorough understanding of the local market while staying abreast of international design trends.

    She is experienced in all aspects of creative mediums and strategy including web, print, television and radio.


    Nikki has also spent much of her career mentoring young creatives - who have gone on to work in the local and international marketing landscape. Collaboration is an approach to creativity that has become the hallmark of The Brand Lion. We have employed many young artists and helped to jump start their design careers.


    When she's not Brand Lioning... she's mommying a rambunctious two year old.



    What we've done lately




    Our list of clients spans a diverse mix of industries, with B2B, B2C, charitable and public sector projects under our belts. We're proud of the work we've done for our local and international clients. We have worked with some of the most talented creatives in Bermuda to achieve stellar results for our clients and believe that our collaborations are key ingredients in our success.


    Bermuda Security Group -

    Branding, Internal Communications, Advertising, Marketing Strategy,

    Communications and Sponsorship Management


    Security Associates -

    Branding, Communications , Sponsorship Management, Advertising, PR


    Orange Bay Company -

    Brand Identity, PR


    Polaris Holding Company Limited - 

    Brand Identity, Strategic Marketing, Public Relations,

    Advertising, Website Development


    Bermuda Tourism Authority -

    Creative Services, PR


    ABC Football Foundation -

    Brand Identity, Website Development, PR


    Fintech Bermuda -

    Strategic Communications, Brand Development + PR


    Marketing Training + Seminars -

    Chew The Fat Series,

    Bermuda Economic Development Company,

    Centre on Philanthropy


    and many more...



  • More Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The Polaris Effect (30 minutes)

    We produced a client video that would set out the business case study illustrating the shift in relationship approach between the Board of Directors, Management and the Bermuda Industrial Union.

    Quietly Powering Bermuda (:30 sec)

    The Brand Lion produced a :30 second ad for TV

    Quietly Powering Bermuda (5:37)

    The Brand Lion produced a short that set to shed light on the importance and complexity of the work done behind the gates on Front Street. The short was a part of a multi-dimensional communications strategy launched when The Brand Lion won the multi-year marketing contract.